Join the Australian Kadampa community at the 2019 Australian Dharma Celebration this April
for a long weekend with a difference. At this annual event, Gen Kelsang Rabten, the National
Spiritual Director of Australia and New Zealand will give the blessing empowerment of
Buddha Shakyamuni and teach the art of successful meditation.

The success of our meditation depends on making good preparations. Just as a farmer
needs to prepare the ground before planting their crop, if we wish for results from
our meditation practice it is essential that we prepare our mind well before we
meditate. By purifying our negativity, creating positive mental energy, and receiving
inspiration from enlightened beings, we create the perfect mental environment for
transforming our mind into insights and spiritual realisations.

Over this weekend, Gen Rabten will explain the preparatory practices that connect us
with Buddha Shakyamuni and nourish our mind, ripening our contentment, love and wisdom.
Developing our mind in this way makes our life very meaningful as it leads to
pure happiness. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life. Everybody is welcome.